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RainbowStats is website which provides search stats and users stats for Rainbow Six Siege users.

Update Cycle

Personal stats will be updated about every 3-4 hours.

This one has short cycle because this is most interesting part to every user.

All users stats will be updated every evening

This one includes Rank Distribution, MMR Distribution, Level Distribution, MMR Leaderboard, and Operator Master Score Leaderboard.

Weeks users stats will be updated every Saturday evening.

This one includes Weekly Match Leaderboard, Weekly Rank Match Leaderboard, Weekly Operator stats by all users, Weekly Most Pick Rate 5 Operators and Operator KD Leaderboard. It will be saved for one week and keep this result before next update.

All users ranking and stats

are not made of global users stats. You have to search someone at least once for register someone on this website. "Weekly" rankings except rank (MMR) rankings are counted in aggregate until you have played at least 12 matches during the week.

What's yellow stats on my user profile?

It means your statistics is much better than the whole average statistics. The whole average statistics will be updated every week.

What's Multi Search?

You can search more than 1 player so more than one person you can search. You have to put a space between each name. Or you can type part of nickname for search someone. Also, you can compare their stats. You can search up to 50 players.

What's Master Score?

Master Score is the skill level you have obtained with a certain Operator, both Win Ratio and K:D is used for the Master Score calculation.

Operator Ranking

If you want to rank your operator on Weekly KD Leaderboard, you have to play with certain operator for at least 10 rounds. Additionally if you want to rank your Master Score, you have to play with that for at least 100 rounds.

Operator Table

If you click on the tab labeled as Operator Table it will line up based on which one you have chosen. Make good use of this.

What's KD, KDA, KPM and OPM?

KD is Kill/Death Ratio and KDA is (Kill+Assist)/Death Ratio. KPM indicates kills per minute.

OPM indicates operations per minute. Operations represent the number of times that each operator has performed a special skill.

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